What happens when you are referred

If you have just been referred to the clinic, or are about to be referred, here is what happens next.

  1. We receive the referral from your GP or another approved NHS provider.
  2. We screen the referral to make sure it is okay (for example, we check that we are the intended recipients, or that there is enough information and confirm the mandatory fields are filled in)
  3. Please ensure that the email address you wish us to contact you on matches with the email address you have given your GP.
  4. If your referral is accepted, we post you a New Patient Pack. This includes:
    • a letter of receipt of your referral
    • forms to be completed
  5. Please return these forms to us within four weeks of receiving them. Taking longer than four weeks may delay our processing of your referral.
  6. We receive your forms and you are added to our waiting list. The waiting list is for patients who are waiting for a first appointment at our clinic.
  7. Due to the large rise in referrals, you may be on the waiting list for quite a while before you next hear from us. First appointments can be over 24 months after the date of your referral. Read more on our current waiting times page.
  8. Please advise us of any changes while you are waiting, for example if you change your name or your address. See our ‘updating your details’ page for more information.
  9. We usually book appointments six to eight weeks ahead of the actual appointment in question. So, after you have been on the waiting list for a while, we will send you a letter (or a text if you have agreed to receive texts) to let you know the date and time of your appointment.

If you need any medical assistance while you are waiting for your first appointment, please contact your GP or the relevant health care professional.