Did not attend (DNA) policy

  1. If you did not attend (DNA) an appointment with the GIC you will be contacted confirming the DNA. Following the first DNA if you still wish to continue treatment, another appointment will be arranged.
  2. If you did not attend two consecutive appointments in any of the GIC Services (Core, Counselling Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy, Endocrine) then your case will be reviewed to ascertain the next steps.
    1. This could result in you being discharged from the service with an understanding that if your circumstances should change and you wish to engage with the services at the GIC at a future date, you may be able to do so with a re-referral from your GP. You will not have to wait on the original waiting list, but will be treated as a patient waiting for their next appointment.
    2. The clinician may write to you with the option of offering one more appointment, this will clearly state that is a third appointment is DNAed, you will be discharged from the Service back to your GP.
    3. If you DNA 3 consecutive appointments, you will be discharged from services with an understanding that if you wish to engage with services in the future, you may be re-referred by your GP and your clinical file will be reviewed regarding whether it is appropriate for you to return to the Service.
  3. All DNA and Discharge correspondence will be copied to the GP so they are aware of circumstances.