Changing your passport or driving licence

By law you are able to change your gender and title on most official documents without a gender recognition certificate (i.e. legal change of gender).

If you would like to update your gender in your passport or driving license you will need to provide these agencies with the following:

  • A letter from your doctor or medical consultant confirming that your change of gender is permanent (we are happy to supply you with this once you have attended two appointments and are stable in your actual gender role)
  • Evidence of your change of name, for example a deed poll

The below are also accepted, but not required:

  • A Gender Recognition Certificate (if you have one, not essential)
  • A new birth or adoption certificate showing your gender (if you have one, not essential)

Government passport application guidance for trans people

See the guidance on the GOV.UK website

Read or download a guide from HM Passport office:
Applying for a passport – Additional information for transgender and transsexual customers (PDF, 130Kb)

A new passport currently costs £72.50 if you apply online or by post

Passport application guidance for trans customers

GOV.UK website