Second appointment

The second assessment is usually with a separate clinician and forms the second half of the assessment process. Occasionally, more than two assessments might be needed to reach consensus about the best way forward with your care.


The second assessor may review the report and conclusions of the first clinician, in order to gain a broader perspective on your situation. They will ask for an update of any progress you might have made in the interim. The second assessor may not cover exactly the same ground as the first but might instead focus more specifically on issues particular to you and your individual circumstances.


After consensus has been reached by you and your gender clinicians, a recommendation may then be made to your GP regarding hormones.  The GIC has patients from all over the UK, so it is not possible for us to prescribe and monitor hormones directly; we depend on GPs and/or local services to do this, with our guidance.

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What to bring to your appointments