Making a transition

We see a variety of people at the clinic with different needs and goals in terms of gender. Some are seeking support with gender transition.

Taking initial steps towards gender transition, such as coming out and public appearances in a different gender role can be challenging. This is often due to social stigma, transphobia and fears of rejection or discrimination as a result of disclosing a different gender identity to that assigned at birth. However, in our experience, particularly due to recent changes in public attitude, people’s fears regarding social gender role transition can be much greater than the reality. It has also been our experience that not making a social transition prior to beginning medical interventions can create a variety of problems during and after the transition process.

In order to assist with the potential challenges of social transition, in addition to the support we offer, we recommend that you gain support from others around you wherever possible: such as from friends, family or other trans people.

We also recommend that when facing employment or other social challenges, individuals make themselves aware of their legal rights. Legislation has been passed in order to protect trans people. More information about legislation can be found on our support groups and resources page.