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The purpose of appointments at the GIC is to get a sense of you as a person: your background, current situation and plans for the future where gender is concerned. We can also try to address any questions or problems that you face, discuss treatment options (including hormones, surgery etc.) and hear how things are progressing with your transition (if you are undergoing transition) and your life in general.

Assessments take place Monday to Friday, mornings and afternoons. Many people prefer afternoon appointments so there may be a longer wait for these. Clinic appointments are generally booked up in advance and while we do our best to accommodate latecomers, if patients arrive very late after the time on their appointment letter, it may not be possible for us to see them that day.

After each appointment we write a letter to your GP summarising the content of the appointment with recommendations for treatment where appropriate. We would then expect your GP to follow these recommendations, in line with the NHS England document: ‘Primary Care responsibilities in relation to the prescribing and monitoring of hormone therapy for patients undergoing or having undergone Gender Dysphoria treatments

It is very important that you attend your appointments at the scheduled time. Appointments are scheduled with a 15-minute booking in time. This gives you the opportunity to check in and allows us to update your details as required.

Each person is different and treatment plans vary according to the individual’s needs and circumstances. However, the buttons below should give information about what to expect from assessment appointments at the GIC.

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Missing appointments

If you are unable to attend an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can give the appointment to someone else and offer you another date that you are able to attend. Due to high demands on the service, rescheduled appointments may not be offered for several months.

We understand that there are many reasons why people are unable to attend scheduled appointments, however due to unprecedented numbers of people doing so, which has contributed to our long waiting list, we have changed our attendance policy.

Attendance policy

  • If you do not keep your first appointment without letting us know in advance, you will need to ask your GP to re-refer you to the clinic.
  • We require 2 working days’ notice, in writing, if you wish to cancel your scheduled appointment.
  • If you repeatedly do not attend appointments without letting us know (2 working days’ notice, in writing), you may be discharged and will have to ask your GP to refer you for gender care at another UK GIC.

Please see our did not attend (DNA) policy for further information

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