Sexual health and screening information

The Gender Identity Clinic is working with 56 Dean Street to provide dedicated cervical screening clinics for trans and non-binary people with a cervix.

Cervical screening can help prevent cancer in the cervix (neck of the womb) by detecting pre-cancerous changes. Cervical screening is for anyone with a cervix aged 25 to 64. This includes trans men and people who are non-binary and were assigned female at birth, provided they have not had an operation to remove their womb and cervix (full hysterectomy).

Screening is recommended every 3 years but if registered with your GP as male, you may not be automatically called.

The No Barriers Cervical Screening project  has received support from RM Partners, the west London Cancer Alliance hosted by The Royal Marsden, to fund additional specialist clinics at 56 Dean Street which is sensitive to the specific needs of trans men and non-binary people.

To book an appointment email or call 020 3315 5656.

You can still access this service at your GP and some other sexual health clinics.

Further information on cervical screening for trans and non-binary people can be found on the Cancer Research website.