Counselling psychology

Counselling psychology offers psychotherapy, exploration and support for people undergoing gender care at the GIC. We offer one-to-one psychotherapy, as well as fortnightly and monthly group sessions.

It is not mandatory for those seeking gender care at our clinic to undergo psychotherapy prior to receiving medical treatment. Empirical psychological research has shown that trans people are no more likely to experience mental health problems than the general population, but when they do, they may interact with gender issues. Many of the psychological problems that trans people can face are linked to social factors, such as stigma, transphobia and discrimination.

One-to-one counselling psychology

This is usually offered in a block of six fortnightly sessions. We have a team of counselling psychologists, including doctoral trainees, who can offer help with a variety of psychological issues. Some of these may be specific to gender identity and transition, and some may involve more general life issues; of course, gender and life issues are often linked. The one-to-one service offers a holistic approach, which seeks to address the whole of your experience as an individual living in the world. Our psychologists and trainees work from a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches and are able to integrate these where appropriate to meet individual needs.

Fortnightly group psychotherapy

The psychotherapy group is for people who have difficulties that may be assisted by a group setting that provides an opportunity to speak freely and also to listen respectfully to others’ views and opinions. Members of the group talk about whatever they choose and then the group thinks about any issues that come up together. The group is a safe space for people to try out, and get feedback on, different ways of relating to others and being in the world.

The monthly psychosocial support group

The monthly group is provided for people who may benefit from sharing an open and exploratory space with other people from a variety of backgrounds. People are offered a year (11) monthly group sessions. The aim of the group is to encourage group members to offer and receive support from others who may be experiencing similar issues. A number of gender and non-gender related topics are identified by the group for discussion.

To be referred for individual or group psychological therapy

If you want to attend individual or group counselling psychology sessions you can ask your clinician to refer you.

Join a group

To book a place on any of the groups, ask your clinician to refer you.