Gender Marker GP record change

“Sometimes GPs are asked by patients with gender incongruence to change their name and gender on the practice medical record, and patients do have this right to change their personal details direct with the practice. Patients also have the right to change the name and gender on their official NHS registration documents without obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate.”
– BMA guidance from

It may be helpful to know that it is well-established that a patient has a clear right to change their title, name and gender marker on their records, on request. Declining such a request could be interpreted as unjustified discrimination. An individual does not need to have undergone any treatment, or have a Gender Recognition Certificate etc. In fact, no formal deed of change of name is required (this is required for other official documents), though we do encourage this deed poll name change as an important part of the social transition process.

When a patient has requested a change of gender marker (and usually name), the practice should inform the CCG who will contact the National Back Office (NBO), who will create a new NHS number and profile, to which old records are transferred. Information for GPs can be found on the NHS.UK website: