Updates on testosterone replacement supply

Sustanon 250mg/ml solution for injection

While there are shortages of Sustanon, an alternative option is:

Testosterone Enantate 250 mg/ ml Solution for Injection

Read about Testosterone Enantate on the EMC website

At the same dose, frequency and monitoring.

Testogel sachets

Testogel sachets have been discontinued. In their place we now recommend using either:

Testogel 16.2mg/g gel

Read about Testogel 16.2mg/g gel on the EMC website

One pump delivers 20.25 mg testosterone  (if your patient was on 50 mg testogel sachet, give 2 pumps  (40.5 mg testosterone) and check blood levels in 8 weeks.


Tostran 2% gel  

Read about Tostran 2% gel on the EMC website

Give 40mg (4 depressions of pump) and check blood levels in 8 weeks.