The call for participants has now closed for the Brunel University undergraduate psychology research project — “To what extent do culture and biological sex influence an individual’s gender identity and views on gender roles in society?”

Undergraduate student Soroush Fereydoni, currently completing his dissertation in Psychology at the University of Brunel, is looking for people (aged 18 and over) to participate in a study investigating the effects of culture and biological sex on gender identity and views on gender roles in society. The study aims to gain a deeper understanding of how gender develops, and how individuals experiencing dysphoric emotions towards their gender and role within society could be helped.

Participants will be asked a series of open questions in a voice-recorded, semi-structured interview, lasting no longer than 45 minutes. All information collected will be anonymous, and recordings of the interview will be erased after transcription of the interview are written.

The interviewer is able to meet you at a time and location that suits you.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Soroush Fereydoni by 25 December.